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Judith Kraus Bochno (AT)

This speaker has no courses in the current year.

Judith Kraus Bochno

Studies in nutritional science, at the University of Vienna with a Maga.rer.nat degree, specializations in nutritional psychology, marketing and nutritional ecology, food intolerance, nutrition of certain groups of people
training & successful completion to the TCM nutritionist at the TCM Academy Vienna
Training since 2008 mandatory in team building, TCM diagnostics and western herbal therapy, FMD, functional myodiagnostics
successful completion and diploma for Micronutrient Coach®

- since 2005 freelance nutritionist at the TCM Center Vienna -
- since 2005 trainer and speaker for all nutrition topics and TCM-dietetics
- for the Austrian Society for Controlled Acupuncture OGKA and regular lectures at the Tao Congress/Austria
- at the Danube University Krems
- and for the PH Vienna University of Teacher Education
- at the Vienna School for TCM WSTCM and for the Biogena Academy

- since 2015 in the advisory board / nutrition section of the “Healthy Tulln” association of the municipality of Tulln
- since 2018 editorial contributions for the health platform
- currently nutrition expert in the Trinicum center under the direction of Dr. Günther Malek - - Center for Integrative Medicine and Pain - Therapy and nutritional advisor with the entrusted areas in health care marketing, nutritional advice, also in the telephone advisory service, including the creation of individual documents, allergies, intestinal health, weight regulation, detoxing, women and men health

Mag. Judith Kraus Bochno, Springer Verlag: AUS DER PRAXIS, silent inflammation, Antiinflammatory nutrition — from the perspective of integrative nutrition and TCM, , Akupunkt Aurikulomed 45, 28–35 (2019).
Mag. Judith Kraus Bochno, Springer Verlag: AUS DER PRAXIS, Genussvolle Weihnachtsferien aus dem Reich der Mitte, Akupunkt Aurikulomed, Dez 2018
regular articles and reports in austrian puplic health and lifestyle magazines like Lebensart, News, Gesund Leben,…

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