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Katrin Blumenberg (DE)

Katrin Blumenberg

Katrin has been leading the Zheng Yi Dao seminar since 1998 and trains in “Four Seasons Qi Gong” in Germany. She practices Qi Gong with patients in pain therapy, psychosomatic medicine, and psychiatry. She trains doctors and psychologists in the integration of Qi Gong into individual therapy.

Classes with Katrin Blumenberg


Rooted in Life, Borne by Confidence

Stabilising Qi Gong exercises for therapy and self-care

Katrin Blumenberg (DE)DE
  • Recording available until 01.09.
Saturday, 28.05.2022
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
  • Qi Gong/Taiji
  • All levels
  • Hands-on with practical exercises
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