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Lucas Wilkmann (DE)

Lucas Wilkmann

Lucas Wilkmann DO.CN®, alternative practitioner (naturopath), ACON-Therapeut®,
Zen teacher of the Zen line Willigis Jäger "Empty Cloud",
Yoga teacher (BDY / EYU) & yoga teacher SVD
& Qi Gong - Master „Mi Gong Rulai“ (Shanghai):
- Since approx. 1984/1985 Taiji Chan at Peter Yang OSB (Barcelona), Jürgen
Kuhn, Blandina v. Collande
- Qi Gong, Taiji, Taiji sword etc. with Josephine Zöller, Christa Proksch,
Prof. Sui Qing Bo (Qingdao), Lena Du Hong (Qingdao); Prof. Li Zong Yu (Chengdu)
- 6-year education according to the guidelines of the professional association of German
Yoga teacher and European Yoga Union at Sivananda - Yoga –Vedanta -
School (Düsseldorf) with the degrees: Yoga teacher BDY / EYU & yoga teacher SVD
- Since 1985 in various institutions (various VHS, church training houses and other groups / conferences nationally and internationally e.g. ACON annual conference / symposia, German alternative practitioner day (Düsseldorf), TCM congress Rothenburg; Courses and lectures on Yoga, ZEN - Meditation, Taiji, Qi Gong, as well as therapeutic fasting & many different naturopathic topics
- Since 1990 own clinic for naturopathy in Hamm / Westf.
- From 1991 additional Dojo / Zendo for Yoga Zen Taiji in Hamm
- Education as Qi Gong teacher [Mi Gong Rulai] with Grand Master
Prof. Wu Zong Hu (Shanghai) [master student]; Completion: 1997; later Qi Gong Master
- 2001 REIKI - Master degree / 3rd degree
- Since 2003 FAQI therapist
- So far several multi-week intensive stays in China, Tibet, as well as several weeks in various Zen monasteries in Japan round off the "East Asian interest"
- Finally, Lucas Wilkmann is a Zen teacher of the Zen line Willigis Jäger "Empty Cloud" & since 1982 Zen student of Kyo-Un Roshi (Willigis Jäger OSB, Holzkirchen)

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