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Lyna Trinh (KH)

This speaker has no courses in the current year.

Lyna Trinh

Born and raised in Cambodia, and after 25 years working as a consultant in marketing and international trade, she is now dedicating her life to serve the people of her native country.
In 2018 she co founded Les Mains du Cœur pour le Cambodge, which is providing care to vulnerable population in Cambodia.
Being a practitioner in TCM, from a french college, she also studied in Huai Hua Dong Fang Hospital, dedicated to TCM, she wishes to promote the use of traditional medicine in Cambodia,where the health coverage is poor and mostly run by the private sector.
The NGO Les mains du Cœur pour le Cambodge has been rewarded in Cambodia, by the Provincial Health Department, after treating effectively more than 250 patients.
The project now is starting phase 2: training and knowledge transfer to local health workers.

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