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Michael Corradino (US)

Michael D. Corradino, DAOM, MTOM, L.Ac

1933 Cassia Road# 300, Carlsbad, Ca. 92011

Mobile: (619) 549-7885


Professional Objective:

My passion in my professional life is to understand the human body, neurophysiologically, and how acupuncture can effect, modify, and bring balance to this system. Offering the best quality of Integrated Traditional Chinese Medicine to the public is quintessential. This includes strategically integrating Traditional Chinese medical philosophy with our Western medical scientific analytical mindset in the area of biochemistry and neurophysiology. Grasping a firm understanding of Traditional Chinese medicine, in its application through clinical experience and researching the classics, while studying neurophysiology and western medical sciences as a whole, identifying and strengthening the benefits of CAM modalities while bridging the gap between Western medicine and Eastern medicine.


Neuroscience,inc. San Diego, Ca (February 2016-present): Completing my Neurological-Endocrine-Immunology (NEI) certificate.

Kaplan Center, La Jolla, Ca. (July 2010): Completed the MCAT review course to further understand Western medical sciences.

Pacific college of Oriental medicine ( January 2004-2006), San Diego, California.

DAOM: Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. Graduate of the first USA class. This program is a two and half year, full-time, program consisting of but not limited to the integration of Eastern and Western medicine, translation and the study of the five Classical Chinese medical texts, research and medical statistics, specialization areas (neuromuscular), and integrated medical clinical rounds. Continuing education includes annual attendance of the Pacific Symposium. This is one of the largest Chinese medical symposium in which it’s focus is new clinical applications, scientific understandings and speakers from around the world.

Guan An Men Hospital (2006) Beijing, China

Completed the Master Teaching Certificate Program

Trained in the Guan An Men hospital of Traditional Medicine. Studied Nei Ke (Internal Medicine), cardio vascular medicine, CVA/stroke, TIA, dementia.

Shangdong TCM Hospital (2006) Beijing, China

Completed the Master Teaching Certificate Program

Studied inside the Fertility Medical Center and Dermatology ward. In this special department we witnessed an interesting integration of ancient medical philosophy and present medical scientific advancements in genetics. IVF integrated with traditional Chinese herbal prescriptions, acupuncture, hormone therapy- bio identical and herbal prescriptions. The success ration and theory was quite impressive.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (1992-1996), San Diego, California

M.T.O.M: Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine.

This is a four year full-time Master’s program. This program incorporates many styles of acupuncture training and traditional Chinese medical theory, traditional Chinese Herbal medicine, nutrition, Tui Na ( Chinese therapeutic structural massage), Qi gong and mediation. Graduated cum laude.

San Diego State University, (2006-2009) San Diego, Ca

Major: Philosophy

Seton Hall University, (1990-1992), East Orange, New Jersey

Major: Molecular Biology.


California Acupuncture Board member (June 2015-2017: This is a Governor appointed position, with Senate approval. It has a 2-4 year term. There are only 3 licensed practitioners on the board and we over see the entire acupuncture and Chinese medicine industry for the State of California.

DMC-Acupuncture (2015-present), Sorrento Valley, Ca. 92121

Private practice

This is a full integrated pain center located in Southern California.

Neuropuncture LLC. (2013-present),La Jolla, Ca. 92122

Founder/ President

An organization devoted to the neuroscience of acupuncture while creating and researching new protocols of electric acupuncture that are evidenced based and reproducible in a clinical setting. Neuropuncture is an acupuncture system created from the 10+ years of studying and researching neuroscience in regards to acupuncture and applying the findings clinically, with great success. This system was developed and now taught by Michael D. Corradino.

Golden Door Spa Retreat. (2013-2016). San Marcos, Ca 92069

Resident Doctor of Acupuncture

Treat clients with TCM and Neuropuncture 2-3 times per week. Assess and provide integrative solutions for optimal health and longevity. Developed the “Anmien”, sleep program. Lecture weekly on the topic of Chinese medicine solutions and theory for improved quality sleep. Formulated an exclusive product line of Nutraceuticals infused with Chinese herbal formulas for their retail store.

North County Integrated Acupuncture Center (NCIAC) (2009-2015), Poway, Ca.

Owner/ Partner: Director of Integrated medicine.

Located inside Pomerado hospital’s Out Patient Pavilion. This is an integrated all Natural medical center who’s mission is to extend our support in the interest of establishing relationships with all different fields of Medicine and create a holistic approach of care for our patients.

Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, (1/2004-2012)

Faculty/ Clinical Supervisor

Mission Valley, California.

Was the Orthopedic and Neurology specialist for the Doctorate of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine program, where I teach many clinically applicable techniques like, advanced Tui Na, Neuropuncture, Teh te ke-TCM herbal traumalogy and currently teaching the Integrated Pain Medicine class for the Master’s program. I was also the clinical supervisor of the student interns, Doctorial students, and clinic assistants at the college clinic.

Bay Recovery Medical Facilities, Director of Integrated Medicine, (2007-2009)

San Diego, California

Director of Integrated Medicine

This medical facility is a unique medical institution that treats dual diagnosis of chronic pain with chemical dependency.

Grossmont Medical Center Acupuncture Clinic, (3/2005-2008)

Founder/ Partner, La Mesa, California

GMCAC is a new state of the art acupuncture clinic, which is located inside the Grossmont Medical Center in San Diego, California.

Acupuncture-Longshen P.C., (9/1997-2007)

CEO, Wayne, New Jersey

Managed and placed acupuncturists in multi-medical disciplinary pain medicine clinics. Company goal was to expose acupuncture to the public on a large level.

* Successfully managed 14+ medical acupuncture office accounts.

* Treated patients utilizing acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese therapeutic structural massage), and herbal remedies.

* Negotiated and marketed for the expansion of accounts.

* Responsible for the payroll of 14+ acupuncturists, supplies, covering the absentees, as well as the hiring and firing of employees.

* Present a comfortable working environment for the entire staff.

* Co-founder of Premier Medical Billing, inc. This was an acupuncture medical billing company that I created to supply all billing and collection needs for my multiple acupuncture accounts. Oversaw day-to-day operations.

* Created a start-up company producing over $2.4 million in outstanding receivables

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