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Nipin Gangadharan (US)

This speaker has no courses in the current year.

Nipin Gangadharan

Nipin is a non-profit senior executive with over a decade of experience leading international relief and development operations for non-profit organizations. Nipin earned his B.E. in environmental engineering from India and M.A. in International Affairs with conflict and security concentration, from The New School University in New York. Nipin started his career working on grassroots women’s organizing around disaster risk reduction and reconstruction in India. After completing his master’s program, Nipin went on to work with international non-profits providing emergency response services and economic development opportunities to crisis affected populations. Nipin is passionate about social justice, human rights and mental health and has worked in designing and implementing large scale programs with many leading international donors, foundations and UN agencies. Nipin has worked in many countries including Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Nepal and Bangladesh and is now settled in Oregon with his family.

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