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Philip Strong (AU)

Philip Strong

Philip developed a non-insertive technique changing scar tissue at the cellular level. This affects epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous layers. To maintain intellectual property and integrity of this development, it was initially presented to the international delegates at AACMAC 2007.

Publications: North American Journal of Oriental Medicine, "Scarred for Life". November 2012 [Volume 19 Number 56].

Swiss Journal for TCM "Yin Yang Magazine" March 2015, The Meaning of Ki?? - Understanding Relationships between Ki and Scar Tissue?

AGTCM Journal "Qi Magazine", The Importance of Qi, Understanding the Relationship between Qi & Scar Tissue." April 2016.

Philip was invited to present 2 workshops at the AGTCM Rothenburg Kongress in 2016 on Scar Tissue Rejuvenation, plus his new development of removing abdominal adhesions.

Philip developed further techniques for abdominal adhesions and fibroids. More recently Philip has created procedures to treat PTSD problems using QiGong & the gold teishin.


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