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Rita Traversier (DE)

This speaker has no courses in the current year.

Rita Traversier

Rita Traversier has been working as an alternative practitioner in her own practice since 1995. Her focus is on TCM with western plants, acupuncture, psychotherapy and eye diagnostics.
She completed further training in Chengdu/China in 1995. Stays in the nature and further training in herbal medicine led her to the decision to combine the Chinese art of healing and diagnostics with our western phytotherapy. She wrote two books: "TCM mit westlichen Pflanzen" und "Westliche Pflanzen und ihre Wirkungen in der TCM", both published by Haug Verlag. For the last five years, she has also been interested in and working with gemmotherapy. She attends further training courses around the globe.
She is a Taiji teacher and has been teaching the Taiji Quan form (after Master Song) since 2002.

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