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Ruth Rieckmann (DE)

Ruth Rieckmann

Ruth Rieckmann combines nutritional science and Chinese Medicine. Her counselling style is characterised by concentration on the essentials: empathetic responsiveness to the individual and few, effective integrative nutritional recommendations. Gua Sha, tapping acupressure and trauma-adapted counselling techniques round off her range of services.

As a nutritionist, lecturer and author, she passes on her integrative counselling approach at the SGTCM and the Akademie Gesundes Leben. In 2017, her guidebook "Power Soups & Essences - Healing and Enjoying with the Five Elements" was published.

Ruth Rieckmann cooperates with doctors, TCM and psychotherapists. Health insurance companies subsidise her nutritional advice, including consultations via video conference. She studied nutritional science at the University of Bonn, basics of Chinese Medicine and Dietetics at the University of Witten-Herdecke.

Classes with Ruth Rieckmann

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