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Sabine Ritter (DE)

This speaker has no courses in the current year.

Sabine Ritter

Pharmacist and TCM practitioner in Munich since 2013, specialised on Japanese acupuncture and phytotherapy with western herbs in TCM

As a university student I had visited Japan for the first time and was inspired by Japanese culture and traditions. After working as a pharmacist in Germany for several years, I spend two years in Hong Kong. From there I travelled a lot to China, where I first encountered different traditional chinese philosophies. A few years after I came back to Germany, I signed up for an acupuncture course in Munich and graduated with the AGTCM-Diploma. Afterwards, I finished a course in phytotherapy with western herbs in TCM. Since then I participated in many special training seminars and focused on interpreting the effect of western drugs from a TCM perspective.

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