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Susanne Lindenthal (AT)

Susanne Lindenthal

Susanne Lindenthal combines the best of two worlds: modern nutritional science and nutrition according to the principles of TCM. In her two practices in Baden and Vienna and online throughout Europe, she uses scientifically based nutritional advice to support people who have problems with their diet and digestion, or who can no longer find their way through the nutritional jungle. On her blog, she publishes numerous specialist articles, food profiles and also easy and tasty recipes. In addition, she has launched several online products and is co-author of the e-book ""Wege zum Wunschgewicht"".

Honorary activities: Member of the board of the Association of Nutritional Sciences of Austria, chairwoman of the board of g5e - Society for Nutrition according to the Five Elements, federal spokeswoman of the Chamber of Commerce for nutritional counselling in Austria.

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Classes with Susanne Lindenthal


Rot wie das Herzblut

Natürliche Farben im Essen, integrativ betrachtet

Susanne Lindenthal (AT)Susanne Lindenthal (AT)DE
    Wednesday, 08.05.2024
    09:00-12:30 Wildbad - Salon von Winterbach
    • Dietetics
    • All levels

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