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The Tri-Angle (NL)

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 The Tri-Angle

The Tri-Angle is a playful agreement of Sybill (Huessen), Yan (Schroën) and Gabriele (Schennen) - three seasoned practitioners of different backgrounds who are not only connected by their year of birth “1964” but also by a great love for and a passionate curiosity about life in its multifold and beautiful expression of Qi as movement, organization and exchange of information.
Their paths crossed from time to time in the last 10 years till in 2021, the TriAngle emerged from the shared wish to invite other human inter-beings to learn together about non-linear thinking and its impact on our understanding of natural, social, cultural systems.
For the TriAngle, the non-linear thinking in new life sciences and their re-discovery of ancient principles is offering a language to bridge Eastern and Western medicine.
It provides another way to show how precious and important Chinese Medicine was, is and will be in global health care.

Yan: a graduate in biochemistry and acupuncture works as practitioner, researcher and teacher since many years in the fields of Chinese Medicine, Applied Science, Daoist Philosophy and Systems Theory/Biology.

Sybill: became intrigued by Shen-Hammer Pulse Diagnosis after finishing her degree in Chinese Medicine in the US. After years of practicing and teaching this pulse system, her focus lies in integrating new impulses emerging from East Asian Medicine and novel life sciences in her field.

Gabi: a graduate in Clinical Psychology and trauma therapy is working in her psychotherapeutic practice combining Daoist and Confucian principles with the ideas of new life sciences in her work.

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