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Vera Splinter (DE)

Vera Splinter

Vera Splinter graduated with a degree in oecotrophology and is specialised in the nutrition of Chinese medicine since 1999. One of the main core area is the integration of Chinese herbs into dietetics, a further one is gynaecology especelly infertility, endometriosis and pregnancy.
Nutrition therapy is carried out in close cooperation with TCM therapists. Vera Splinter works freelance in her own office in Neuss and offers individual consultations, lectures and seminars in cooperation with the TCM-Kongress Rothenburg o.d.T, TAO-Kongress Graz, Klinik für Naturheilkunde Essen-Mitte, the Reformhaus-Akademie, the HP Schule Ellinghaus and others.
Diplom Oecotrophologin since 1987, FH Münster. Training Chinese Dietetics 1999 with B. Temelie. Training in Western Herbs at TCM 2002, E. Mosheim-Heinrich, AGTM Ausbildungszentrum West, Wuppertal. Training Qigong yangsheng 2005, Med. Ges. für Qigong yangsheng, Bonn. Pediatrics in the TCM Intensive Seminars 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, A. Körfers, Lake Constance. Further training with F. Sulistyo-Winarto, Yifan Yang, Li Jie, Andreas Kalg, Li Jia Cheng and others.

Classes with Vera Splinter


Theme Days: Integrative Nutrition - Part 3

Susanne Lindenthal (AT)DE
  • Will be recorded
Friday, 14.05.2021
10:00-13:30, 15:00-18:30
  • Dietetics
  • Diagnostics
  • All levels
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  • 10:00-13:30
    Allergies – What does TCM say? Advice and Support from Integrative Nutrition
    Judith Kraus Bochno (AT)
  • 15:00-18:30
    Selected Lung Syndromes - Prevention and Therapy from the Yao Shan Health Kitchen
    Vera Splinter (DE)

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