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Yongxiang Gao (CN)

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Yongxiang Gao

Prof. Gao Yongxiang, PhD, expert of Internal Medicine of TCM and Immunology, the director of School of Basic Medicine and Experimental Center of CDUTCM.

He has mentored 19 master and 10 doctoral students and lectured postgraduates, undergraduates, biomedical doctors, and overseas TCM practitioners and therapists.

During the past decades, he has been engaged in the research of microbiology and immunology (integrating Chinese medicine with biomedicine) and the research of Chinese Herbal immunology, pharmacology, and toxicology. He, the rigorous scholar, is in charge of 6 national and 3 provincial research projects. He has published above 30 papers and co-authored 3 works and his view on immune safety and effectiveness evaluation of Chinese Materia Medica has been developing outstanding.

Due to his rich experiences and grand achievements, Prof. Gao Yongxiang has been honored as municipal excellent teacher of Chengdu, member of talent bank of academic leaders by Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Sichuan, academic and technologic leader by Health Department of Sichuan Province, and committee member of New Drug Evaluation of Sichuan Province and State Food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

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