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Zena Kocher (US)

This speaker has no courses in the current year.

Zena Kocher is an Integrative Medicine provider at Abbott Northwestern hospital (ANW) in Minnesota with a thirteen year focus on treating high risk pregnancy, birth and postpartum care with acupuncture.  Classical Asian medicine was past down to her from Dr. Duc Kieu, a Vietnamese master,  as practiced for generations by his family.   In 1998, she completed an intensive three year study with him and went on to get her masters in Chinese medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University (NWHSU) in 2002. She has been supervising interns from NWSU at ANW for the past twelve years.  At the 2017 Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver BC,  she presented a lecture called Bringing Classical Acupuncture to Hospitals to Treat High Risk Pregnancies, highlighting the wisdom of  Fu Qing Zhu’s work and how to integrate it into modern obstetrical care. Currently, she is a regular guest mentor for MAMPs with Debra Betts.  

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