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TCM Kongress Rothenburg o.d.T.

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The Earth School, Gastro and Neurogastroenterology, Li Gao: Pi Wei Lun

About us

The TCM conference in Rothenburg is an event held annually by the AGTCM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Klassische Akupunktur und TCM e. V.), which is organized by a group of volunteers, the Rothenburg team, supported by the congress agency event lab. GmbH.

Besides this, there are many more helpers who make it possible for the conference to take place. The speakers and interpreters make their contribution by agreeing to lecture lecturing for a reduced fee.
Without this great support, the TCM Kongress with its low fees would not be possible.

Our aim is to offer a wide range of knowledge related to Chinese Medicine and demonstrate the variety that has grown through the centuries. The five so-called classical therapies of acupuncture, pharmacology, Tuina, dietetics and Qigong are represented in great detail, but some fringe subjects such as Feng Shui are also considered. We have always been interested in listening to philosophers, historians and sinologists at the conference as well. And last but not least, our meeting at Rothenburg offers a forum to discuss the latest issues of scientific investigations.

The TCM conference in Rothenburg appeals to beginners as well as to advanced students of Chinese Medicine, stimulating their enthusiasm to deepen their knowledge. As far as the speakers are concerned, they can find one of those rare opportunities to get in touch with other colleagues and to exchange ideas at a high level. As the saying goes: the study of Chinese Medicine will never come to an end...

Rothenburg gives the opportunity to meet the teachers whose books we have studied or are still studying and to talk to them. In the same way those pioneers in the West who established Chinese medicine are very important to us, because they help us to identify and appreciate our roots as therapists.

A major concern of our conference is to present in detail the different schools of Chinese Medicine (eg TCM, the French school, Professor Worsley, different oriental family styles, the school of Stems and Branches, Daoist medicine etc) without any dogmatism. From our point of view, a dogmatic position would be contradictory to the principles of Chinese Medicine. We would like to discuss subjects which are interesting to therapists in Germany, Europe, as well as in China and the USA. The continued analysis of these subjects contributes to an increased solidarity amongst all practitioners. Chinese Medicine has become very popular in recent years. By trying to get the highest possible quality of lectures and seminars we want to make our contribution to its steady and consistent development.

Since its beginning in 1968, the TCM conference in Rothenburg has been a centre for professional exchange and a meeting place for colleagues. The enjoyment and fun of study while meeting other colleagues is a major part of Rothenburg as well as the commitment and quality of the speakers.
In the past the conference site was located inside the medieval town walls of Rothenburg, but because of the greatly increased number of participants the conference is now situated outside the town, in the Wildbad Conference Center.

As the Wildbad - a beautifully restored Jugendstil complex of buildings - is situated just by the small river Tauber, surrounded by a park with meadows and mature trees, it is nice to leave this picturesque congress site during the breaks to have a walk or just to relax by doing some Qi Gong or Tai Ji exercises.

Gerd Ohmstede

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